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KUNG AR FEO Carbon Integrated Bar
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KUNG 全新FEO(For EveryOne)碳纤维一体把,作为集高强度、高刚性、舒适好用、价格实惠于一身的All Round碳纤维一体把的升级版,设计进行了全面的优化和更新,各方面更优秀,更惊艳!

KUNG's new FEO (For EveryOne) carbon fiber integrated handle is an upgraded version of the All Round carbon fiber integrated handle that combines high strength, high rigidity, comfort and ease of use, and affordable price. The design has been fully optimized and updated, and it is better in all aspects. , more amazing!


1. Wide range of vehicle models

KUNG FEO 碳纤维一体把,以可以适用更多车型为初衷。2套原生碗盖和垫圈配件充分考虑外走线和内走线车型的匹配性。 

The KUNG FEO carbon fiber integrated handle is originally intended to be applicable to more models. The 2 sets of original bowl cover and gasket accessories fully consider the matching of models with external wiring and internal wiring.



For most road frames with external wiring, the outer diameter of the upper bowl bearing is: 41.8/42mm (some models with full internal wiring where the front fork steerer tube gives way to the wiring tube also use this specification bearing); full internal wiring car The outer diameter of the bowl bearing on the rack is mostly 52mm.

FEO carbon fiber integrated handle, originally designed 2 sets of bowl covers and washers with outer diameters of 47mm and 58mm, which are suitable for 41.8/42mm and 52mm outer diameter headset bearings respectively.



2. Solve the pain points of all internal wiring installation

装车、维护、比赛、旅行,KUNG FEO一体把都可以让你更省心!
全内走线设计,让公路车外观变得更加简洁、美观,但同时也带来了另外一个问题——安装,维护,旅行的便利性下降。当年全内走线公路车刚出来的时候,一度被誉为“技师杀手”,让一众技师“闻风丧胆”…… KUNG FEO碳纤维一体把,在设计上,充分为技师和车友考虑,将便利性和实用性作为最重要的设计目标之一。

Loading, maintenance, competition, travel, KUNG FEO integrated handle can make you more worry-free!

The fully internal cable routing design makes the appearance of road bikes more concise and beautiful, but at the same time it also brings another problem - the convenience of installation, maintenance and travel is reduced. When the all-internal road bike first came out, it was once hailed as a "technician killer", which made a group of technicians "frightened"... KUNG FEO carbon fiber integrated handle, in terms of design, fully considered for technicians and riders, it will be convenient One of the most important design goals is sex and usability.


The stem adopts: the special-shaped square tube structure with strong torsion resistance + the method of downward extension of the sidewall to achieve rigidity, strength and aesthetics.

The tube-shaped structure of the upper part of the stem is a special-shaped square tube structure, which is sufficient to meet the basic requirements of structural strength and rigidity. The downward extension of the side wall realizes the shielding of the wire tube, and at the same time can greatly improve the torsional performance of the stem, and the rocker is more powerful.

把立下端为半开放式设计,让刹车、变速线管从把立下方走线,从车架头管前方进入车架内部。可同时兼容:外走线和内走线车架使用。 配合全内走线车架,可在接好变速线管、刹车油管/线管后,最后将线管塞到把立下方,操作非常方便。比赛旅行,亦可像外走线车架一样轻松将把组拆卸装箱。 

The lower end of the stem is a semi-open design, allowing the brake and shifting cables to be routed from under the stem and into the inside of the frame from the front of the frame head tube. Compatible at the same time: both external and internal wiring frames are used. With the fully internal cable routing frame, after connecting the shifting cable tube, brake oil tube/line tube, and finally plug the cable tube under the stem, the operation is very convenient. For race travel, the handlebars can also be disassembled and boxed as easily as an external cable frame.


3. Harder and more resistant to torsion

KUNG FEO把立上端两侧,增加了2个斜面设计,形成多个加强筋结构,起到增强强度和刚性的作用。结合两侧往下延伸的更高截面结构,让把立相比上一代更硬、更强;抗扭更好。

On both sides of the upper end of the KUNG FEO stem, two inclined surfaces are added to form multiple reinforcing rib structures, which enhance the strength and rigidity. Combined with the higher cross-section structure extending down on both sides, the stem is stiffer and stronger than the previous generation; it has better torsion resistance.



4. True one-piece structure for ultimate strength

KUNG FEO 采用单壳体一体成型模具,整支把一次成型完成,没有任何后期胶合结构。从把立到把横,碳布材料整体结构连续性完整,可将材料性能发挥到极致,结构更稳定,强度实现最大化。 

KUNG FEO adopts a single-shell integral molding mold, and the whole handle is formed at one time without any post-gluing structure. From the stem to the handlebar, the overall structure of the carbon cloth material is continuous and complete, which can maximize the performance of the material, make the structure more stable, and maximize the strength.



5. good design

过扁的把横,会牺牲刚性、强度、握感,以及装车穿线的便利性。KUNG FEO把横,采用椭圆扁管设计,并在上一代基础上对细节进行优化,拥有更优秀的握把手感,更好的刚性,更好的安装便利性。

A handlebar that is too flat will sacrifice rigidity, strength, grip, and ease of loading and threading. The KUNG FEO handlebar is designed with an oval flat tube, and the details are optimized on the basis of the previous generation. It has a better grip, better rigidity, and better installation convenience.



6. Fully optimized details


Better appearance, more details. Combined with the mass production experience of the first-generation integrated handle, the new FEO integrated handle has been comprehensively improved in appearance details, production process and production process.



KUNG 全新FEO 碳纤维一体把,过线孔大小和走线角度进行了全面优化,穿线更快捷。(新车把,均已装配变速和刹车导线管,让穿线更省心,即使新手也能做到“秒穿线管”)

KUNG's new FEO carbon fiber integrated handle has been fully optimized for the size of the wire hole and the angle of the wire, making threading faster. (The new handlebars are equipped with shifting and brake conduits, making threading more worry-free, even a novice can achieve "second threading")



7. The price is more favorable than similar products

KUNG FEO采用当前一体把:最优的设计方案,最佳的制作工艺手法,打造一流的产品。 而价格,延续第一代的超高性价比理念。

KUNG FEO adopts the current one-piece handle: the best design scheme, the best production technique, to create first-class products. And the price, continues the super cost-effective concept of the first generation.









可兼容Di2 把堵控制器。

KUNG FEO handlebar geometry




Weight: 375g±(5%)

suitable for 28.6mm front fork,

compatible with Di2 handlebar controller.

KUNG FEO 一体把尺寸规格:



KUNG FEO Integral Handlebar Dimensions:

Upper Handlebar C-C: 380mm, 400mm, 420mm

Stem Length: 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm



1、KUNG FEO 一体把



Standard accessories

1. KUNG FEO integrated handle

2. Full inner cable washer + round wrist cover (suitable for 52mm outer diameter bearing upper bowl)

3. Special washer for external wiring frame + bowl cover (suitable for 42mm outer diameter bearing upper bowl) 4. 32mm integrated handle top cover 5. Stem screw, computer frame screw and mounting column accessories


(Special specification bowl cover, can support 3D printing adaptation)


TREK 车架全内走线碗盖 3D适配

TREK frame full internal cable routing bowl cover 3D adaptation



SPECIALIZED SL7 内走线转换垫片 3D适配

SPECIALIZED SL7 Internal Cable Transfer Spacer 3D Fitting



PINARELLO 内走线碗盖3D 适配

PINARELLO 3D Fitting for Cable Routing Bowl Cover


Attached picture: Installation effect of stopwatch stand





Remarks: Standard accessories do not include stopwatch stand (need to purchase by yourself)


Use Google Translate, please correct me if I am wrong.

Note: We believe buying a frame is a service as much as a product. To ensure you receieve the best service, please send us a message before ordering so we can discuss size, fit, compatibility, colour options, etc. We're availible during Chinese working hours via our website's "Live Chat" feature and out of hours you can leave us a message there and we'll get back to you. Alternatively, send us an email.

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